Emotion is Energy That occurs  before thought  

Experiencing our energy and observing our thoughts.

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Is it really possible to overcome fear with love?  Research in the field of trauma suggests it is not so much the event itself, but the way the trauma is processed that holds the real potential for healing emotional wounds. 


Does the idea of experiencing a peaceful calmer way of being, seem impossible or does your intuition tell you there is a more natural way of being, where you can experience more freedom? 


When thunderclouds fill the sky, we know they are temporary and that the sun is always shining above them. Our feelings can be compared to the weather. They come and they go and if we can learn how to accept them for what they are we discover a brighter way of living.  


By introducing more creativity into our lives by listening to music, doodling, or experiencing guided meditations we can begin to soften and allow more space into our busy minds.


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Holistic Support


Chakra Therapy


Learning how to be kinder to ourselves and more playful helps us to move beyond words and towards intuition.  


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Play Therapy


Playfulness helps us heal but before this can happen we need to feel safe. I take your emotional and physical safety seriously and will respect your confidentiality, protect your data and help you to draw up your own therapeutic plan.


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I use the word Namaste because it means "the light within me recognises the light within you".




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