Emotion is Energy That occurs  before thought  

Experiencing our energy and observing our thoughts.

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Research in the field of trauma suggests it is not so much the event itself, but the way the trauma is processed that holds the potential for healing. Our relationships hold the key to our wellbeing and once we understand this we will have taken the first step on the road to recovery. 


Learning to be a little more playful doesn't mean we are dismissing our suffering and being creative is not about being good at art. It's about experiencing life differently.

It's about finding things to make our journey a little sweeter.


Listening to music, sculpting clay, doodling, or experiencing guided meditations can provide us with the space to ponder and explore other ways of being that could improve our emotional health.    


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Play Therapy


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Playfulness isn't just for children. It helps us to heal, but before this can happen we need to feel safe. 


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I use the word Namaste because it means "the light within me recognises the light within you".




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