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we can learn to honour all our emotions  

~All feelings are valid ~

Have you ever noticed how our feelings drive our behaviour and how we then create stories to help us make sense of our lives?


If given enough freedom, children literally use play to problem solve and express their emotions. Play therapy is the perfect model to help those who have experienced loss or trauma.


By creating a team around the child the mysteries of therapy disappear and we begin to gain a deeper understanding of how interconnected we  are. We learn to seperate the emotional experiences from the behavioural expressions.   


Bonnie Badenoch's book "Brain Wise Therapy" and Kim Golding's "Nurturing Attachment Programme" provide practical, user friendly ways to help us understand our Neurobiology and Attachment patterns, and to see how we function. 


I accept referrals for adoption work through Ofsted registered organisations for life story work and enjoying using the models developed by Joyce Rees and Richard Rose.


Creative visualisations or life story work are powerful methods to help re-frame difficulties from the past, whilst also providing hope for the future.

Play therapy recognises the importance of healing and empowering from within and can be used for adults as well as children. It is particularly effective for those who are unable or unwilling to talk about their difficulties and who find it easier to explore them symbolically. 

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Energy Exchange


Play therapy, Life Story Work or Counselling £60


Reiki £35


10 week group chakra course: £115


10 week one to one chakra therapy: £250  

or £25 per session.


My accreditation is accepted by Healthshield and fees can be claimed back under their health and wellbeing section.

I am also able to offer alternative energy exchange arrangements for those on a low income. Please contact me for further details.


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