Play Therapy and Life Story Work

The way a child plays reflects how they feel. Their games help them to make meaning of the events in their lives.   

If we want to support our children to heal and thrive, we need to listen deeply to their questions. 


"Because understanding is the very foundation of love" ~ Thich Nhat Hanh 


We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have been given. Each of us has adapted and learnt how to survive into adulthood and our relationships have shaped us into who we are now and taught us how to manage life's challenges.


However, if we have experienced relational trauma, we are dealing with multi-layered, multi-sensory experiences that require a personalised creative response.   


For those seeking this level of support, Creative Healing offers a warm welcoming environment that enables the child and their family to journey through life in a more rewarding way. 


Understanding the implications of relational trauma is a fundamental component of the service offered and respect is given to the five principles of Trauma-Informed Care:


1. Safety

2. Choice

3. Collaboration 

4. Trustworthiness

5. Empowerment


Personalised parenting programmes are also available:


  • 6-week Foundations for Attachment Training 
  • 18-week Nurturing Attachment programme

Each course was created by Kim Golding and inspired by Dan Hughes, both of whom are experts in the field of developmental trauma. 



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Energy Exchange:


BACP Registererd


Play Therapy  

£60 per hour


Therapeutic Parenting Programme, Nurtuting Attachments and Life Story Work quotes available upon request.


Holistic Training

£11 per hour 


Free advice and sign posting support. 


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