Use breathing techniques sounds and music to rise above the busy chatter of your mind. meditation classes run throughout the year. please contact me for further info.   

Learn how your Emotions and Thoughts affect your Wellbeing

Release your Inner Squeak! 

This delightfully enlightening course will help you gain a deeper understanding of who you really are. I hope that you not only find and release your beautiful inner squeeeeeeak but that you will be able to maintain your squeakability long after you have completed your training.  


This training will encourage you to recognise and honour the power within and provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you tap into your innate wisdom. It will show you a lighter way of being and share some strategies to help you brighten each day, whilst also creating some shiny new neural pathways.


 You will learn to become more curious about your habitual thought patterns and consider how well they serve you. I will talk about the infinite realms of intelligence that exists beyond our ego trapped beliefs. 


We are all part of a divine organising system. A system that contains contrast, showing us what we don’t want, and expansion that inspires and dazzles us. A system that is magical and constantly creating and a system inextricably linked to the eternal cycles of birth and rebirth to be found everywhere within our cosmos. None of which could ever be described by words alone.  



The course runs on a Thursday evening throughout the year from 19.30 to 21.30 for 7 weeks and costs £77. 


Email me on for more details.

Lotus Chakra course 

10 week Lotus Chakra  Courses running throughout the year 

on a Thursday evening from 19.30 - 21.30


Learn about your spiritual anatomy and discover how to maximise your energy system.  


Cost £114.44 


Contact me

via Chakra Email  or 07881637584 

Imagine a rainbow school .... 

Imagine a rainbow school. A magical sanctuary where you can go to understand who you really are. A place where your feelings will be honoured and you can be with like-minded people. Somewhere for you to safely tap into the power of your heart and explore your emotions at your own pace. 


Contact me for details of courses to help you learn about your energetic anatomy and be given practical strategies to help you manage your feelings and enrich your life.


In our daily lives, we are constantly bombarded by sensory data. Our bodies react to this information but we are often unaware of the impact it has on our wellbeing. The courses I run will help you understand why you feel and act the way you do.


I use guided meditations, music, art and gentle breathing exercises to help you calm the busy chatter of your mind.    


Once we become aware of how we experience things energetically we are able to find alternative ways to improve the quality of our lives.  



Lotus Chakra Course
I was thrilled when my article Spiritual Journey was published by bacp in their 2016 Autumn edition of Thresholds because it is all about how the course changed my life.
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Creative Healing

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Energy Exchange 


Play therapy, Life Story Work or Counselling £60


Reiki £35


10 week group chakra course: £115


My accreditation is accepted by Healthshield and fees can be claimed back under their health and wellbeing section.

I am also able to offer alternative energy exchange arrangements for those on a low income. Please contact me for further details.


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