"The Nurturing Attachments course provided me with a safe space allowing me to reflect and process my personal feelings about the work I do, and apply this to the theory behind, not only my attachments (and in turn behaviours!), but those of the young people I work with. I found this course invaluable both personally and professionally". 


~ Abbie Harding ~ Supervising Social Worker (Fostering)




I am a social worker and commissioned Jane’s services for a young person who needed therapeutic life story work. Jane has undertaken this work with sensitivity, creativity, empathy and professionalism.


She is able to build and sustain a relationship with both her clients and other professionals. She communicates clearly and appropriately. She has a sound knowledge of Safeguarding. 


She has been a pleasure to work with and her work in this particular case has emotionally contained, stabilised and provided psychological safety to a youngster with some difficult to resolve and painful experiences"


 ~ Rebecca Thomas ~










“The Nurturing Attachments course was a warm, welcoming and hugely informative course which helped build supportive relationships both in and out of the work place”-


 “The reiki session have been relaxing, self-finding, lifting and helped develop a calming sense of self” 


~Vikki Mackinnon~ Supervising Social Worker (Fostering) 



  "I can honestly say, I didn't expect the Lotus Chakra course to be as amazing  and life-changing as it was but I have learnt more about myself through my journey and developed some beautiful friendships as a result. 


I cannot recommend this course enough! To anyone who is ready to understand themselves on a deeper level, this is definitely for you!!


Oh, and it's made even more wonderful because the course is delivered by Jane a really beautiful and patient soul " 


 ~ British Recording Artist, Songwriter and Entertainer ~ Shirin Sech


"Jane reminds us of the need to honour our spiritual journeys, in their various forms"


~ Amanda Anderson ~

Editor of Thresholds BACP



I thoroughly enjoyed doing the  Lotus Chakra course with you. Not only did I enjoy the sacred time together but it also opened my mind to explore deeper into the concept of us being energy fields and being responsible for managing them for the enrichment of ourselves and all those we come in contact with.


A wonderful course insightfully facilitated and supported with generous and helpful resources. Thank you.”


~ Fey Audin (BA Hon) ~



" Having attended several courses with this imaginative,  resourceful and inspirational tutor. I can state that she never fails to leave all  those she educates, feeling positive, motivated with a deeper sense and understanding of  their own being. A Real life Mary Poppins who projects an inner glow that infects all she meets with a calm mindfulness and positive outlook on life.


~ Dai Whitehead ~

Training and Development Manager Fair Ways Southampton





Energy Exchange:


BACP Registererd


Play Therapy  

£60 per hour


Therapeutic Parenting Programme, Nurtuting Attachments and Life Story Work quotes available upon request.


Holistic Training

£11 per hour 


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